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Seller Carry Implications for the Real Estate Professional

The real estate professional who understands the basics of the Installment Sale/Seller Financing/Seller Carry, can easily out-perform their counterparts who, in general, are unaware of alternative ways to dispose of property.

Being able to educate clients on the benefits of Seller Financing can:
Implications for the Real Estate Professional

  • Increase the number of listings you take
  • Increase the number of escrows you close
  • Save the lost sale through knowing alternative ways to structure transactions
  • Broaden the base of potential buyers for your listings
  • Help you negotiate more effectively
  • Have faster closings
  • Be more competitive
  • Earn higher commissions
  • Build a solid referral base

Knowing about Seller Financing and the secondary Trust Deed market can help more Buyers buy, and Sellers can sell more quickly, and you close more escrows.

The real estate agents with the most tools for putting transactions together are the agents that will continue to thrive regardless of market conditions. Knowing about Installment Sales, Seller Financing, and the secondary Trust Deed market could very well give you the competitive edge now and into the future.

As sales slow down and loan are harder to come by (not to mention the impending increase in the Federal capital gains rate to 20%), Seller Financing is making more and more sense. There is no credit crisis for flexible sellers!

The flexibility and cash flow potential of a real estate note is unparalleled.

Some of your clients may own properties that they just can’t sell. Sometimes mixed use or non-conforming properties cannot qualify for traditional financing. Being willing and able to carry paper can help your clients sell a property that they otherwise might be stuck with. And, the return on these types of notes can be far superior to bonds or bank CDs. As their trusted adviser, you’ll want to bring in a Note and Owner Financing Expert to make sure your clients are protected in the transaction. You want to structure the note to have maximum market value down the road.


What You Don’t Know About Notes Can Cost You Listings, Sales and Closed Escrows!

Are your commissions shrinking because you are losing sales and not closing deals for any of the following reasons?

  • Do you have a seller stuck on price?
  • Do you have a buyer who can’t qualify because they are self employed and/or cannot meet stringent lender requirements?
  • Buyer has bruised credit?
  • Have a property that’s non-conforming?
  • Is your deal falling apart?
  • Listing runs out and seller needs to sell fast

Use “Owner Will Carry” to double the number of potential buyers for your listing. If sellers understand that they can get cash even when they carry, they are more likely to say “yes” to owner financing, which greatly… increases your chances of closing the deal and getting paid!

The real estate professional that understands the basics of the Installment Sale, or Seller
Financing, can easily out-perform their counterparts who, in general, are unaware of alternative ways to dispose of property.

Protect yourself and work with a Note and Owner Financing Expert when setting up an installment sale for your clients!

Having a Note Specialist involved at the point of note creation helps to preserve the note’s value with an eye on potential sale in the secondary trust deed market down the road. The Installment Sale is a proven strategic tool allowing property owners to effectively defer capital gains without having to do a 1031 exchange.

Trust deeds are one of the safest investments available when the note is structured properly, and they can save your client hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you have clients that are tired of managing property, tired of paying taxes and insurance, tired of low-paying tenants, it’s time you arrange a meeting. We can help you and your clients explore alternative and legitimate ways of doubling their monthly income, and eliminate all the hassles of ownership.

The advantages to you, the REALTOR:
The advantages to you, the REALTOR

  • More closings
  • More commissions
  • More referrals which leads to more listings
  • Being known as a problems solver

The advantages to you, the REALTOR-2Capstone Capital USA can help close those “hard to close” deals. We have programs that can be fitted to solve almost any problem. The buyer will get the property, the seller will get the cash, and you will earn a commission that would have otherwise slipped through your fingers.

If you are having difficulty selling due to condition or immediate urgency, give us a call. We will analyze your situation and determine if your listing is a good candidate for our seller financing program.

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